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I would like to introduce my website to you.

I have lived in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area with the exception of a few years. My life experiences
and education (MBA) have given me the knowledge, perception and intuition to apply myself in life and
business as a Human Resources management professional and business partner. I loved the work that I
did and was successful. However, it never fully satisfied the need I had when transferring thoughts and
ideas to paper; particularly when imparting a metaphorical sentence or idea resulting in a clearer
communication of an idea or story.

So fast forward…I decided to do what I had a passion for and wrote a novel titled,

After finishing the manuscript for YESTERDAY’S RAIN, I aggressively tried to find an agent to
represent me and get my book published, but none of them wanted to represent an unknown author. The
most common response that I received was that
they were not accepting new authors or it was not in their
genre. Frustrated I decided
to self-publish YESTERDAY’S RAIN.

I started my own publishing company based on a character in my book, the Blue Buffalo, and
BLUE BUFFALO PUBLISHING was born. My book has sold on several large on-line booksellers
including Amazon, Kindle and Google and I see it offered at other Internet sites, including overseas.  I
have received five-star reviews on Amazon and favorable comments that you can see on my Title and
Author Page. I have also received favorable reviews in the Sacramento Book Review and the San
Francisco Book Review. I feel fortunate and gratified that I was able to write and publish my book through
my own publishing company.

I had completed YESTERDAY'S RAIN while working full time as Human Resources Director for a
prominent East Bay company......quite a conscientious endeavor. RAIN is a fictional murder/suspense,
mystery novel loosely based upon my African American ancestral history and a Native American legend. I
think it will give you a characteristic perspective of African American life during two times, 1920 and 1948.

If you have read my book, I thank you for your support and please
spread the word. If you have not read
my book, please do as I believe you will enjoy the story, the characters, the mystery and the suspense as
others have. You may purchase Kindle or hard copy on Amazon and other book seller websites.

I am retired from my
professional life in HR and continue to work on my own writings. I selectively continue to be interested in
authors whose work will excite, entertain and educate the reader. If you are a writer and believe your work
fits this criteria please send an interest email with synopsis to

Thank You
R. E. Haney